KAEDEN BOOKS is an educational publisher.  We specialize in early literacy books and beginning chapter books that support young readers. It is our goal to produce materials that are of high interest to the student, as well as have a structure suitable for instruction. Familiarity with guided reading, Reading Recovery®, and reading intervention programs will help you understand what we need from our authors.


Author Guidelines

At this time, we have a particular need for beginning chapter books, unique non-fiction manuscripts, and manuscripts with strong characters that have potential to become a series.


Fiction: We are looking for stories with humor, surprise endings, and interesting characters that will appeal to children in pre-kindergarten through second grade. The stories should have well-developed plots with clear beginnings, middles, and endings.


Nonfiction:  Manuscripts should have interesting topics and information presented in language comprehensible to young students. Content should be supported with details and accurate facts.


Length:  Can be as minimal as 25 words for the earliest reader or as much as 3,000 words for the fluent reader.  Beginning chapter books are welcome.


Text: Our readers are in grades pre-kindergarten to second grade so vocabulary and sentence structure must be appropriate for young readers. Make sure that all language in the story is of an appropriate level for the students to read independently. Sentences should be complete and grammatically correct. No sentence fragments. 


Please do not submit:

  • queries, manuscript summaries, or resumes
  • religious or adult themes
  • manuscripts that stereotype or demean individuals or groups
  • manuscripts that present violence as acceptable behavior


Illustrator Guidelines

All of our illustrations are done by professional, freelance artists and illustrators.  We are looking for samples that match the often humorous style appropriate for children’s literature.  Artwork should be simple, clear, lively, and the colors should attract children.


The illustrations in our books must communicate and extend the meaning of the text.  The illustrators must be able to maintain the appearance of the characters and the mood of the story throughout the book.


We like to receive samples no larger than 8 1/2” X 11” so that we can keep them on file.  Please do not send disks, slides, or original pieces of art. We cannot be responsible for them.


Submission Procedures

To be considered, all work must be submitted as a hard copy per our guidelines.  Please send copies of manuscripts and art, not originals, as we do not return manuscripts or artwork.  Artwork of interest is kept on file for future consideration. We will not review websites or manuscripts and illustrations sent via email.


  1. Manuscripts should be typewritten with your name, phone number, and page number on each page.  Illustrations should be no larger than 8 ˝” X 11”, with your name and phone number on each sample.  Send copies, not originals.
  2. Authors should include a short cover letter with your name, address, telephone number, email address, a brief description of your background, and the manuscript title.
  3. If you would like confirmation that we received your work, please include a self-addressed, stamped post card with your material.  On the back of the card, write: Your manuscript (or artwork) was received by Kaeden Books on _______ .
  4. Submissions should be sent to:

Editorial Department

Kaeden Books

P.O. Box 16190

Rocky River, OH 44116



Please be patient. We have a long product development and production cycle. We will contact you only if we are interested in contracting your work. Please DO NOT call.  We regret that due to the large quantity of submissions, we cannot guarantee a personal response.  Simultaneous submissions are accepted.




Best of luck! We look forward to receiving your work and hope that your submissions will meet our needs.