Kaeden Books was founded in 1986 in Rocky River, Ohio to provide quality reading materials for primary teachers to use with children in their first years of the reading experience.

Kaeden books are an ideal complement to any quality reading program. Our books are written for early, emergent, and fluent readers in pre-kindergarten through second grade. These fun stories help children develop confidence in the reading process through the use of predictability and patterned text. Text placement and illustration assist in the development of strong reading strategies. Supportive pictures and story structures help in the development of comprehension. But most importantly, Kaeden books are fun for the reader! Our stories are lighthearted and about everyday happenings in children's lives. We offer both fiction and nonfiction titles and many of our titles introduce topics which crossover into other areas of the curriculum such as math, science, social studies, and the fine arts.

Most of our writers are professionals in the field of education and early literacy. Their knowledge and experience ensure that Kaeden Books publishes stories that both appeal to children and motivate them to develop their reading independence. Many of our authors are exclusive to Kaeden Books because they share the goal of creating good books that help children become lifelong readers.

We utilize many different illustrators so that the style of illustration varies to keep each book new and unique. Most of the illustrators have a solid foundation in children's literature and understand the importance of a close match between illustration and the text. Our illustrators often must incorporate elements that will engage children in predicting what will come next.